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World Baking Day just got a whole lot fancier!

Happy World Baking Day! Whether you’re an avid baker, or someone who likes to delve into the back of the cupboards every so often for ingredients, baking is a hobby that anyone can do. 


World Baking Day was created in order to spread the joy of baking all around the world. Especially to those who might not bake as often and might not be as experienced, this day was created to inspire others and to show people just how fun it can be! 


This year, we’ve teamed up with a local baker here in Leeds, to find out all about her and her extraordinary baking. We had the opportunity to speak to Danielle Payne – the mastermind behind the amazing Noonchi Cake, to discuss all things baking related. Not forgetting some super secret top tips and some great pointers from Dani herself. 



What is your name and what do you do? 


My name is Dani and I own Noonchi Cake. I make all the cakes for Noonchi. 


What did you do before? 


I used to live in London. I worked for Topshop in charge of personal shopping and styling. And then I moved to Yorkshire to become a Mum and now I’m a baker!


What inspired you to start your own business? 


I didn’t really want to start my own business in all honesty. It was more friends and loved ones urging me to. I love baking, it just kinda grew legs and I rolled with it. 


What’s your favourite cake that you’ve ever made?


For Valentine’s last year I made a sacred heart and a cherub cake, and my coffin cake is my ultimate fav – the Buffy!




What’s the most common question you get asked? 


I did a Q&A on my instagram the other day and a lot of people wanted to know about my buttercream.  I use American Buttercream for my cakes which is quite different for a Vintage Baker. Most vintage bakers use a meringue based buttercream like Swiss or Italian meringue, it’s a lot smoother it’s a lot easier to work with. 


Is there a particular technique you use that you’d be willing to share with us? 


This is my most guarded secret. But when you’re working with American buttercream and you want to do something like drop strings or something that’s really tricky and your buttercream is starting to harden up. Just microwave it! Microwave that little batch for 10 seconds, it works for me and it seems to be working for other people that I’ve [passed it on too. 


What is vintage baking? 


It harks back to the 70’s and the 60’s. I made a cake today which has all the 70’s vibes, but is actually recreating a birthday cake from the 90’s. It’s just a style basically! It was very popular back then, Wilton Cakes in America pioneered that style, very over the top, very frilly, you’ll look back at your parents, maybe grandparents’ weddings and they’ll most likely have a cake in a very similar style to the ones I make now. 


How is social media important to you? 


I’m not a massive fan of social media, however it has been the best thing for Noonchi to get my designs out there. I have built a loyal customer base, it’s a good way for me to advertise new cakes and things so yeah it’s been great. Currently it’s my only platform for my business, my website is currently under development. I’m nearly a year old so i’m hoping to launch it for my first birthday. 



What products do you buy from Awesome Merch and how are they beneficial to your business? 


Currently I just get stickers and my thank you cards which have all my care for tips for the cakes. I give out a little card that tells you how to look after your cake, because they are quite fragile and they do perish in heat and things like that. So I chose Awesome Merch for the cards and the stickers because that’s where everybody recommends, a good friend of mine used to work for Awesome so that was my first port of call, but I am really happy with the products. I am hopefully bringing out something else with Awesome in the next couple of weeks so that’s exciting. 



What is Awesome to you? 


I’m super visual, I’m an aesthetically motivated person so generally for me to use the word awesome it’s about something that I’ve seen and things I think are beautiful and interesting and obviously cake is Awesome!


We want to say a massive thank you to both Dani and The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds for making this happen! Happy Baking!

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