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Work:life Balance with Louise from The Printed Peanut

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We travelled deep into Yorkshire to visit Louise Lockhart, the owner of The Printed Peanut. While we were there we ate cake while Louise spoke passionately about a huge change in her work life, we also ate cake while she told us the secret to her success. Check out the videos and some photos below, we’re just off to eat some cake…

Louise lives and works in an old cotton mill where she spends her days creating designs from little paper cut outs and line drawings. Inspired by vintage textiles and print ephemera, her unique and colourful work has been applied to a varied selection of products including toys, games, clothes and pieces for your home. Louise is also a freelance illustrator, working on children’s books and collaborating with clients such as Boden, Anthropologie, Liberty and Heal’s. The Printed Peanut is a one-woman operation, based in sunny Yorkshire. Here are a few snippets from the video above.

On finding the right balance – Since having a baby about a year ago my work:life balance has changed quite a lot. I used to work all the time and because I work from home it can be quite hard to switch off and to stop working. Since having him it’s been… …I’ve really had to prioritise my time and it’s been quite a good shake up and made me focus on what I really want to do and to sort of pair things back quite a lot.

On how she finds the time to get anything done – A normal every day for me would be looking after my baby all day but when he naps, which is thankfully quite lot at the moment, I just jump on my computer, or jump on my sketchbook and just start trying to make as much work as I can in that roulette of time, you don’t know when it’s gonna end but I can work around looking after him and other people might take him for the odd afternoon so I can think “right, I’m gonna get lots of stuff done now”

On how she got started – I started making products for The Printed Peanut, things that I wanted to make, like soap packaging or designing t-shirts and things like that. And then from that, people were like “oh, can you design some packaging for me?” or “can you design this for me?” so that worked really well, having real products out there in the world.

On starting out small – You do have to make a little investment at the beginning when you’re starting a business with buying stock, so I would say to just buy a really small amount to begin with and take it around all your local craft fairs and shops and markets and things like that to see if it sells before you buy more stock because that can avoid the risk.

On creating a unique shopping experience for her customers – When a customer receives one of my orders, I really want it to be a joy for them to open, and to keep it really personable. I always feel like I’m hammering it home that The Printed Peanut is just a one woman business but, actually people just don’t realise and I get emails all the time saying “Hi team” and I’m like “it’s just me” so with my orders I like to include a little postcard that has a tiny bit of information about who I am and what The Printed Peanut is.



The Printed Peanut shop – theprintedpeanut.co.uk

Louise’s Instagram – @theprintedpeanut

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