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Awesome community-TrailBlazers

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We’re often amazed at some of the incredible initiatives the people we work with are involved in, and when Sophie Radcliffe from TrailBlazers dropped us an email to let us know how the merch we were producing was going to be used, we knew we had to shout about it!

TrailBlazers is a youth empowerment initiative set up by Sophie in partnership with Youth Sports Trust, to help teenage girls develop the confidence, resilience, and skills to navigate their own path and live courageously.  

Sophie Radcliffe, TrailBlazer, Awesome Merchandise

We recently teamed up with Sophie to produce merchandise for one of their weekends away, packed full of activities, mentoring workshops, outdoor team building activities and coastal walks.

The stats

75% of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates

Girls drop out of sport at 2.4% the rate of boys

Only 8% of girls manage the daily recommended amount of exercise, due to low confidence and fear of being judged.

By using the transformative power of adventure, active challenges and the inspiration of a relatable role model, Sophie is taking on the challenge to tackle the alarming decline in mental health and physical activity among girls.

The Merch

As part of the weekend, all the girls and team members received a printed t-shirt, hoodie, hat and mug, which helped play an important role in making them all feel part of the TrailBlazer community explains Sophie.

“It was so important for the girls to feel included and not to have the social pressure of clothing/fashion etc. The girls absolutely loved it, we had fantastic feedback and the girls got to take their merchandise home with them meaning they got to treasure the memories they made at the camp.”

TrailBlazers, Awesome Merchandise

The process of creating the merch had also just as much of a holistic benefit for Sophie as the girls who wore them!

“I absolutely love having a vision and seeing it come to life,” she explains. “It’s really empowering to create something from nothing!”

So, what would Sophie’s top tips be for someone looking to create merch for an event, society or club?

“Use your own style, design and personality as that is what will shine through the most.”

You can follow everything Sophie and TrailBlazers are up to on their Instagram account here.

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