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The Seamonsters: What our winners did with £1000 of merch

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Earlier this year we teamed up with with the folk from PMT House of Rock and Orange Amps to bring one lucky winner a stupidly good prize bundle. Now four months down the line, we catch up with winners, The Seamonsters to check out how they spent their £1000 merch voucher and what over a grands worth of backline has meant for them.

So first up can you tell us a little bit about The Seamonsters and what you’re all about?

Of course! The Seamonsters are a six piece band from Sheffield.  We describe ourselves as indie glitter, and take influence from a lot of 80s bands such as Pulp, Altered Images and Orange Juice as well as more recent bands Black Honey and The Wombats. We’re very interested in art, fashion and photography so we love combining this with our music as much as we can. We make our own music videos, take a lot of our own photographs, design our merch and plan our outfits for photoshoots.


How did you feel to be named our winner and walking away with £1000 to spend on merch and £1000+ of Orange Amps backline?
Amazing! We entered the competition but really didn’t expect to win so when we did our group chat exploded, we were all so excited. The competition was something that would be really amazing for any band to win so we feel very lucky

How did you decide on what to spend your £1000 Awesome Merch voucher on?

We all had a look at the Awesome Merch website and decided that we wanted a high quality backdrop for gigs so that was the first product we got. We also got baseball caps and tote bags, we’ve wanted them for a long time but not had the money to get them. It was really nice to get some new products we’ve not had before.


Since winning how have you used you prizes and how have they made a difference for you and the band?
The amps that we won as part of the competition are amazing and we’ve used them at every gig we’ve played since winning! We’ve not had a chance to use the banner yet but we’re playing a headline gig in London soon and we’ll definitely be using it there. As for the tote bags and caps we’ve been selling them at gigs, which is great as often it gives you more money to put towards the travel of getting to gigs. We’re also going to put them up for sale online very soon.


As a start-up band with a loyal following of fans, how important for you is merch and have you found that it’s a good source of income?
Merch is so important to bands, it’s often a big part of their income and a great way for fans to show support. We’ve done some charity gigs in other cities, which obviously we love doing, but on those nights our only way of making money is through the merch we’re selling.

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Do you have any tips for bands looking to get into merch?
Start off with small things like badges and stickers. You can get badges very cheaply, so if you can afford to do it,  it can benefit you to give things like this away for free at gigs and give people something to remember you by. We’ve found that T-shirts have sold really well for us. Doing T-shirts in different colours has really benefitted us as too, as a few people have got them in different colours, increasing our sales.  Plus people love coloured merchandise!


What is on the horizon for The Seamonsters? Any big plans or gigs coming up?

We’re doing our first gig in London on the 5th of October which we’re actually headlining! It’s at the Old Blue Last and is actually a free event. 
 We’re also going to release our third single very soon and we’re super excited about this one.


Need some more inspiration for your merch stand? Check out our ideas for bands page.

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