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Tall Boys Beer Market: How to make an indie shop look awesome!

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As you know, we love small businesses and we love all the awesome places that have popped up in Leeds over the last few years. Leeds is developing into a great city for both alternative and independent businesses to thrive! Amongst them, nestled in Thorntons Arcade, in Leeds City Centre is Tall Boys Beer Market.


Tall Boys Beer Market sells all kinds of craft beers and is also a great place to go for a coffee. You can buy a few beers to take home and enjoy, or you can drink them in there. There’s also a great exhibition space and food bits too!


They’ve just celebrated their first year anniversary and we had the pleasure of going along and adding some new vinyl to the shop! We hope you’ll agree that it looks awesome! Check out the video below to see the whole installation process…

We asked Cody from Tall Boys what it’s like being an indie store in Leeds City Centre…

“We are surrounded by other forward thinking, small, independent businesses. Our home in Thorntons Arcade is quickly becoming a hub for small shops – we’ve got OK Comics, Welcome Skate Store, Chimp and recently Village Bookstore. It helps having these likeminded businesses around as you’re constantly bouncing off, learning from and supporting one another. What’s great about Leeds is that there isn’t really one are of the city devoted to the independents like say Manchester’s Northern Quarter, yet there is still that same community feeling. Instead of that one area you can literally map the city through its indie businesses. It gives us the opportunity compete with bigger businesses as we’re not hidden away.”

tall boys_5 copy

tall boys_6

Cody also had this to say about making the store look awesome…

“It helps to create an identity and show people who we are. We are spoilt in the fact that able to work closely with Jonny (Idiots Pasture) who does all our design stuff. He gets what we’re about and is able to show that through his designs, he’s one of us! It’s then great to be able to work with people like yourselves, who we feel comfortable with to develop these designs into ‘things’ – be it signage, bar blades or whatever, it all helps to create an identity.”

tall boys_31


Cody on their first year…

“We’re big on collaborating with other like minded people and we proud of the amount of businesses/bands/artists and people we’ve worked with in our first year. We’re also going to be working quite closely with a few other bottle-shops in the new year which should see us bring some even more exciting beer to Leeds.”

tall boys_19 copy

You can check out more Tall Boys via their website.

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