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Talking Tattoos with Simon Erl & Sam Layzell

We took a trip across to Hyde Park to visit Dragon Tattoo, a brand new tattoo shop run by Simon Erl & Sam Layzell. During our trip we learned all about their years of working together, reasons for starting a brand new tattoo shop and their plans for the future. Then afterwards we found some time for an unscheduled trip to one of Simon’s other ventures.

/ Featured / Interviews

How our merch helped Youth Man get on the road

Touring, touring, it’s never boring!

/ News

Awesome Merch at ArcTanGent Festival 2015

We went along to ArcTanGent and took some great pics – check ’em out!

/ Tools & Tips

Getting started with band merch

So, you’re in a band….

/ Interviews

We chat to Slaves about their new song and reincarnated animals

Did Debbie ever find that car?