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Sustainably-minded buyer? Choose AS Colour products.

Here at Awesome Merchandise we value every single one of our customers and the orders they place. We pride ourselves on the large selection of garments we sell, from a huge range of different suppliers all across the world. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little bit more information about one of our garment suppliers who are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. 


AS Colour are a New Zealand based manufacturer of quality basics, who are a small but vital player in the world of apparel manufacturing. They have stores located across the USA, Australia and New Zealand and also ship their products worldwide to stores, distributors and printing services like ourselves. 



When it comes to choosing the perfect garment for our customers, AS Colour are gradually becoming one of our leading brands, due to their high quality, comfortable fit and overall affordability. AS Colour believes strongly in taking their time and doing their research in order to maintain the quality that they pride themselves on. They have three main principles which are vital towards their business plan: quality is key, respect the details and keep it simple. 


AS Colour ensures traceability of the supply chain so that they can be confident that there is absolutely no exploitation of the people who actually manufacture the clothing. This is also evident throughout the narrow supply base of their products, AS Colour are in constant contact with their factories in both China and Bangladesh. They place orders with suppliers every six weeks to ensure that these factories have constant business and they can efficiently plan for growth. By buying ethically and regularly visiting these factories they are maintaining the proposal that they set out to achieve, as this not only develops long term relationships with the manufacturers, but it also proves to the general consumer that they are dedicated to their cause and key principles. 


AS Colour work with a number of different initiatives to ensure that their business and their products are consistent and always in line with their key principles: 


  • Reemi – A charity that focuses mainly on women’s health, supporting people with educational and sustainable menstrual products which benefit all cultures. 
  • Cotton Australia – Working directly with Cotton Australia for 30% of products is increasing their chances of achieving sustainable cotton throughout all of their products. They work closely together to ensure that they are educated, along with helping track Cotton Australia’s progress to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly cotton supplier in the world. 
  • Better Cotton Initiative – To make global cotton production better for those who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.
  • OEKO-TEX – Testing textiles for harmful substances, it stands for customer confidence and high product safety. 100% of the AS Colour products produced in Bangladesh are certified and 95% of the products produced in China are certified. All of the dye houses owned by AS Colour are also certified. 


AS Colour strives to use as much organic cotton as they possibly can, with almost all of their products being 100% Organic Cotton. This has many benefits, including: 

  • Reducing the environmental footprint – no toxic chemicals are used in the production, there’s no damage to the soil in which it grows, and therefore there is less impact on the air. 
  • Model for the future – By 2025 two thirds of the world population may face water shortage, but organic cotton farming is 80% rainwater fed, so won’t use any water that is needed for the population. 
  • Fair price for sustainability – because there is more care given for the production, the cost can sometimes be higher, or lower. But this is beneficial for everyone. 
  • Promotes safe working and better livelihoods.
  • Impacts our food system.
  • You can make a difference easily, by choosing organic cotton you are making better choices and considerations for products and our future influences.





Here at Awesome Merchandise, we stock over 20 different products from AS Colour, to ensure that our range is not only ethically sourced, but also diverse enough to suit any customer’s needs. From caps, to T-shirts and hoodies, we have all of your apparel needs covered with AS Colour. 


Check out our best-selling AS Colour Range now:

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