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Striking design to get your flyers noticed!

As the OG of print marketing, the humble flyer is going nowhere anytime soon. Despite us living in a digital age where everything exists online, there’s something still so novel and impactful about receiving a stunning bit of print design that you can hold in your hand. 

Custom flyer printing with your own branded design is an easy and affordable way to creatively spread your message and advertise your event, business, or offer. So what are you waiting for? To help you on your way, we’ve put together seven striking design ideas to get your flyers noticed.


1. Be bold with colour


A punchy colour palette is a guaranteed way to grab attention and catch the eye, even from a distance! Consult your brand identity or event design to identify the perfect hue, and then let your flyer have it by the block-coloured bucket load. This flyer design for Leeds Indie Food uses a bright and bold yellow background to contrast against their cute foodie icons and draw the reader’s eye to the text.

1000x A6 FLYERS FOR £38


2. Shake up your styles


A well-balanced combination of photo, colour overlay, and illustration makes this text on this flyer from the Glasgow Cycle Hack event pop out from the page. Not only does an overlay on a shoot and point image give your flyer a distinctive look that stands out from the crowd, but it can also help to brand your flyer through your choice of a colour that’s true to your aesthetic. 


Plus, this flyer’s background image also plays an optical illusion on the reader as the perspective of the road leads the eye to the event graphic and key info in the centre of the flyer. Clever, huh?!



1000x A7 FLYERS FOR £45


3. Throw some shapes


Just like bold graphics and repetitive patterns, shapes are a great way to grab attention and add another interesting dimension to your flyer design. This promotional flyer for Benjamin William Pike makes great use of shape, both in the text of his name to craft an eye-catching element and in the graphic elements of the design to break up imagery and text. The white circle against the coral front of the flyer is super effective in highlighting the name of his act and logo.



1000x A6 FLYERS FOR £38


4. Get your graphic on


Vibrant design alert! What makes a custom flyer design so striking is its use of playful graphic elements and pattern. Including detailed graphics on a limited colour palette is a stunning way to capture the reader’s attention without the design appearing too busy. 





5. Keep it simple


You don’t have to throw everything and the kitchen sink at your flyer design templates to get them noticed. Sometimes, a simple and well-spaced approach is just as impactful and aesthetically pleasing. 



1000x A5 FLYERS FOR £55


6. Stick to a colour scheme


A cohesive colour scheme is your friend. In fact, it’s your best friend. Whether you take your colours from your logo or wider brand aesthetic, using colours that belong within the same family is an amazing way to pull your custom flyers together. 



1000x A6 FLYERS FOR £38


 7. Embrace your inner doodlebug


Were you the kid at school who was constantly doodling in the back of your maths textbook? Why stop now! Handcrafted-style designs are extremely popular right now and hand-drawn images.



1000x A6 FLYERS FOR £38

Explore our full range of striking flyer designs and sizes and get spreading your message!

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