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Screen print focus – Print Position

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When designing a custom t-shirt, hoodie or jumper, it’s important to take into consideration where you want your design to sit on your garment. Do you want to make an impact with something oversized or do you want to keep it subtle and stick with a pocket print?


Whatever placement you decide, there will be certain print position guidelines to stick to in order to make your design look its best. Below is our handy guide to help you get to grips with our Awesome print positions.

print position, Awesome Merchandise, custom t-shirt


  • Chest print 
  • Oversize full front 
  • Left chest print 
  • Right chest print 
  • Full front print 
  • Pocket print
  • Back print
  • Sleeve print
  • Inside neck print


Awesome Merchandise, t-shirt printing

The maximum print size we can achieve is 38(w) x 52(h)cm, however, we may not be able to print this large on certain garments if they are smaller than these dimensions.  If the garment is only 32cm wide then we can’t print at the maximum printable area of 38cm as the garment is just too small! It’s worth bearing this in mind when ordering a wide range of garment styles. 


The maximum print sizes for garments can be found on their product page within the artwork guide section.


inside neck print, Awesome Merchandise

Adding an inside neck print to garments gives them a more premium look and adds a nice extension to your branding. There are a few things worth noting if you’re looking to get an inside neck print added.


  1. The maximum printable area for an inside neck print is 9 x 9cm
  2. Due to the smaller print area we would recommend any text be created bold so that it’s as clear as possible when printed
  3. Inside neck prints are a 1 colour print.  We recommend our stock ink colour Dark Grey for this as it shows clearly on all garment colours and doesn’t bleed through the reverse of the garment. We can use other ink colours but depending on the garment colour the ink colour may be visible through the garment


If you’re printing size information on your inside necks, the screen created for this will include all the sizes. When we are printing a specific size, for instance, an S for small all other sizes on the screen would be taped over.  This means that the sizes they will appear at slightly different positions on the print. 


Alternatively, we can print all the sizes and have a dot or line underneath to indicate which size the garment is. The dot/line would move instead of the size.

If you would like to keep the size positioned in the same place across all the garment, this isn’t a problem! We would need to set up separate screens for each of these at a cost of £20 per screen. So if you had 5 garment sizes within your order (S, M, L ,XL, 2XL) then this would be an additional £80.


Sometimes you may have a design which has two separate print locations, for instance, a left chest print and then a logo or text running close to the hem of the t-shirt. 


If your garment size is staying consistent, we should be able to print this using one screen, however, if you’re wanting a range of sizes, we may need to use a separate screen for each element of the design to keep your design and print positions the same across every garment. The right placement for a print on an XL tee may be too big for a small tee and vice versa, a print that lays along the hemline on a small may float in way above it on an XL. 


Due to the additional screen needing to be used, there would be a small additional charge for this type of design.


sleeve print, awesome merchandise

When considering screen printing on sleeves it’s important to remember that as it is only a small space, bold designs tend to work better than extremely detailed designs. 


Maximum print size for a short sleeve t-shirt is 8cm x 8cm and 8cm x 40cm on a long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie or jumper. 

Ready to order? Shop all of our custom garment options now!

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