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Satisfy the magpie within: Top tips for making metallic badges

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We speak with Anastasia Tasou & Mary-Jane of The Other Mums, to find our why they turned to our custom metallic badges and get their tips on making an awesome badge.

Our metallic badges are perfect for upping your badge game and making our merch stand out from the crowd, so we took some time out to speak with these two makers/creators, who are both killing it with their shiny merch staples!

Anastasia Tasou

Why do you choose to use metallic badges?

I’m always attracted to metallic badges because they’re SHINY, which is always a winner. I also really think they stand out if the metallic aspect is used in a fun way.

What do you tend to put on your badges?

I like to put bold words on my badges. Words can be super powerful, which makes them a great way to personalise and customise a bit of clothing or a bag.

What do you think makes a good badge?

I think a good badge says something.

What are your top tips for people thinking of designing a badge?

The one thing I ask myself when i’m making any kind of product, including badges, is: would I want to own this? I think it’s a good rule to stick by, and you can’t go wrong if you’re creating things that you genuinely get excited about and would wear yourself.

Why do badges make a good product for makers and creatives?

Badges are relatively low cost, you can customise them as much as you like, and for such a small item there are so many options with how you can use colours, illustrations, and words to make them align with your brand or ideas. I’ve never ever met someone who doesn’t love a badge!

What’s the best badge you’ve ever owned?

This is a shameless plug but the badge I currently have on my store is super simple and just says NOW in silver on black. It’s a helpful reminder for me to stay present, and I also love that it provides a cheaper item on my store for people looking for a product under £1 that they can enjoy or gift to someone they love.

Mary-Jane: The Other Mums

Why do you choose to use metallic badges?

Metallic badges are something I haven’t seen offered anywhere else, and something customers love. They look super premium, without going to the extent of a enamel pin. I am also well known for my magpie tendencies and they’re oh so shinyyyyy 🙂

What do you tend to put on your badges?

I like to support other mothers. I create badges other mums can wear to show women around the world they are a part of something bigger, and there are other women supporting them every step. Even if you don’t walk past a badge of mine on the street, and you see it on Instagram, you know that there is a mum out there going through the same thing as you, and you are not alone.

What do you think makes a good badge?

My favourite badges have secret meanings that only the wearer and designer know. Whether is the choice of font, or something subtle in the illustration, knowing there is something hidden just for those who understand adds an extra layer of interest to a good badge.

What are your top tips for people thinking of designing a badge?

Keep it simple. A badge is the perfect place to make a bold statement and a way to wear your heart on your sleeve. Even if its something which is just for the wearer to feel proud of, the easier to understand in passing, the better.  Find something that people can feel a part of of, and be proud to wear!

Why do badges make a good product for makers and creatives?

Creating your first products is intimidating! Badges are a brilliant first step because the cost isn’t too scary, and people can begin to feel part of your brand straight away. Badges are amazingly flexible for designs, so any creator can find something they want to put on a badge and share with the world.

What’s the best badge you’ve ever owned?

The best badge I’ve ever owned is definitely the enamel badges that we had made as our wedding favours (you can have that idea). Whenever I see one of our friends or family wearing one I get all those lovey dovey butterflies in my stomach again.

Feeling inspired? Up your badge game with over 30 different custom badge options.

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