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Running The Cribs Merch Stand at Millennium Square, Leeds!

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As you’re well aware by now, we are based in Leeds, Yorkshire. We’re also sure that you’re aware that we love getting out and about, meeting new people and of course – being involved in the live music scene. So, you’re definitely not going to be surprised, to find that your favourite merch makers were also merch slingers for The Cribs at their huge homecoming show. We print a lot of merch for big bands & festivals (ArcTanGent and 2000 Trees to name a couple of festivals from this year) but we love getting out to the actual show and selling the merch & meeting people face to face.

Check out this video from the night:

If you weren’t there, The Cribs headlined Leeds’ Millennium Square on Fri, July 22nd 2016 with support from Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame, Pulled Apart by Horses and Menace Beach. Thousands of people turned up and the atmosphere was full on homecoming party mode! As aforementioned, we were there to sell all their awesome merch and we also had the pleasure of printing it in the first place.

Here’s a video of some of the printing:

We thought it’d be rude not to document this amazing event for live music in Leeds, so here’s a bunch of photos from the night. Obvs there’s some of the bands playing, the merch and of us having a good time. No point selling merch if you’re not gonna have a smile on your face!

The Crbs Gig (61 of 91)

The Crbs Gig (78 of 91)

The Crbs Gig (85 of 91)

Thanks to everyone who we met on the night and who came and said hey! You’ll see us out and about a lot more over the coming months. The good news is that you can now pick up all The Cribs’ merch via their new store on our Awesome Distro!

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