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Make your event Awesome!

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Heading out to an expo? Hosting a product launch in-store? Whatever event you and your brand are planning, we’ve got everything you need to make it truly awesome.

From kitting out your staff and stand to sorting out your freebies, we’ve thousands of options to help you add those all-important finishing touches.

Products for your stand

Whether you have a small stand or a large show space, it’s important to make sure you’re noticed. We’ve a range of custom products to help get your brand and … out there.


PVC, mesh, roller banners or even giant stage backdrops, we can help you to create a branded banner that is sure to grab attention.

floor stickers, Awesome Merchandise

Floor Stickers 

Got an event at a show space, bar, club, shop or art gallery? In fact, anywhere with a floor! Then you’ll need to improve the aesthetics with your brand’s logo emblazoned on a floor sticker!

Bundobust, poster, Awesome Merchandise


They’re an oldie but a goodie! Sometimes there’s no better way to promote your event than spreading the word with a poster. We’ve a wide range of sizes an stocks available to help get your event noticed.

Kit out your team 

Make your staff stand out for the right reasons! We’ve hundreds of custom garment possibilities as well as handy merch to help make sure the right people are in the right places.

t-shirts, Awesome Merchandise, events


Make sure your staff stand out for the right reasons! We have a huge range of customisable t-shirts for you to put your design or logo on, as well as other garments such as hoodies, jumpers and headwear!

sticky passes, Awesome Merchandise, Events

Sticky Passes & Laminates

Our custom sticky passes and laminates are great for any time you need to make sure that you’re giving access to the right people in the right areas.

Awesome Merchandise, enamel pins

Enamel Pins

Give your team a custom enamel pin to rep your brand in style! Choose from soft or hard enamel pin options.

Giveaway items 

Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

From a classic tote to something more unusual like custom temporary tattoos, we’ve hundreds of ideas and possibilities for you to pop your logo or branding on.

tote bag, Awesome Merchandise, events

Tote bags

Tote bags are a classic for a reason! They’re like a walking advert, hand them out and see hundreds of people advertising your brand for you.

badges, Awesome Merchandise, 5 Points Brewing


You can’t beat a badge! They are a cost-effective giveaway item to get your brand name, logo or design out into the world.

We’ve over 30 different customisable badges options for you to get creative with.

stickers, king koby, Awesome Merchandise


Stickers are a great and cost-effective tool to use as giveaways to promote your brand. There’s a whole host of options to choose from. Our paper stickers perfect for the eco-conscious, and our vinyl stickers offer you the opportunity to have them custom cut to any shape you like!

meat liqour, temporary tattoos, Awesome Merchandise

Temporary Tattoos

We often get asked for something a little different for an event or expo and although they won’t work for everyone, a custom temporary tattoo sheet is an awesome way to give away something a little less ordinary.

Still need some inspiration? Head over to our ideas for events page now!

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