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Glug Leeds – A night of creativity and inspiration.

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More Notworking than Networking™

For those not aware, Glug is a bunch of events that are geared towards the design and creative community. It’s a real exciting form of networking, with an amazing series of inspiring talks at each event which now spans over 10 events around the world. Their slogan above really says it all, Glug brings together groups of people and businesses that want to share their experiences of the creative world, and be inspired by one another, but all in a totally relaxed and stress free environment.


We were thrilled to be asked to speak at the latest Glug talk, especially as it was held at the brand new Duke Studios event space at their fresh new Sheaf Street studio. It is clear the spaces in which Glug events are held are very important and carefully thought out, not stale and corporate but creative and in keeping with the whole ethos of Glug.

The night was a brilliant success for all involved, it was so great to hear talks from people we would otherwise not have heard of, and hear the stories of how they started, the trials and tribulations involved in starting a business and the successes they had. This was all made better by the fact we were all sipping on beers the whole event!

Our founders, Luke and Charlotte spoke to the Glug audience about what we did, what it took to get us to where we are in ten years (the bad and the good!) and all the ways that we support our customers and love seeing what amazing things people do with the products we provide for them!

We love speaking at events like this and inspiring other people and businesses just like we have by all the people that spoke at the event.

A massive thanks to Glug and everyone involved for making it such an inspiring and fun night!

Below is a slideshow of more images we took of the event and talks.


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