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Foiled Art Print Inspiration

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When word spread around Awesome HQ that we were launching foiled art prints, it’s safe to say the team were pretty excited. We mean… who wouldn’t get excited over shiny stuff?!

So, when it came to creating some awesome samples for our latest product, we enlisted the help of our talented team to whip up some designs. Check out what they came up with and get some inspo for your own metallic creations.

Amy Buckley

I  chose to foil the pink floral design to add another level of complexity to the illustration – each flower in the design is different and has different textures, so I wanted to foil just a few of them to highlight that.  I always like to work with textures in my designs and the foil has really accentuated it and created a great contrast between the pastel pink and the flowers, especially the holographic foil!

Amy Buckley, Foil, art print, Awesome Merchandise

Jonny Emmerson

Foil, art print, skull, Awesome Merchandise

Michaela White

I chose to foil my Escape Plan Moon, to add a bit of sparkle to my Escape Plan.

The original piece of work came from me questioning where I’d like to experience living next in the world, and then that idea snowballed in to ‘out of this world’.

The texture and detail that the foil added to my image is better than I originally hoped, it picked it up so well and has taken the idea to whole new level. I think I’ll get it framed without glass to make the most of the foiled effect

Tomas Doggett

foil, art print, awesome merchandise

Lee Lund

I’ve recently taken an interest in drawing a few different British landscapes this developed and I started drawing animals native to the UK, from that I’ve started drawing seasonal scenes, this one is based on Autumn.
I love how much of the detail has been able to be foiled and how much it makes the drawing pop out, its definitely something that’s going to be fun to experiment with!

foil, art print, awesome merchandise

Lily Dixon

David Andrews

When I’m on holiday I really enjoy creating digital portraits on the iPad.

As a street artist, graffiti and urban textures really catch my eye, and I can build up depth and style by importing some of these through Adobe Capture.


I can’t quite remember why this image of Katy Perry came up, but I liked that the more I drew, the less it actually looked like her!


I love the way that the metallic detailing is behind and in front of the portrait, and the different foils really catch the light. I’ve tried including gold leaf by hand in my screen prints, but this is so much neater and accurate that I think I’m in love.

Louise Fletcher

This drawing was based on a retro Staffordshire dog ornament that I have at home. They usually come in a pair, so I decided to do one happy and one grumpy dog to make them a set. The ornament is actually metallic in places, so doing it as a foiled print worked perfectly. My drawings are pretty scribbly and basic but the foiling process takes them from a doodle in my notebook to something people want to hang on their wall.

Foil, art print, Awesome Merchandise

Liam Henry

Holly Bower

I focus mostly on linocuts and screen print but experiment with a lot of tactile media (concrete at the moment.) The foil prints were ideal to experiment with because they complement the tactile nature of my handprinted work.
I tend to base my artwork around animals because they’re a great subject to recreate in media and tend to make people smile with their expressional faces and nature.

Ready to create your own foiled art prints? Order yours now or check out our full range of customisable foiled products here.

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