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Eve Warren – Ladies, Wine & Design

Picture the scene. You’re in a creative space full of like-minded people, enjoying an evening of creative talks and honest industry advice, all whilst enjoying a glass of Merlot.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Yeah, we thought so too! So, when brand and packaging designer, Eve Warren told us about Ladies, Wine & Design in a recent talk, we were all ears.

Eve Warren, Awesome Merchandise, Ladies, Wine & Design

Originally started by Jessica Walsh in New York, Ladies, Wine & Design aims to create a supportive community for women in design, no matter what stage of their career, through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks and creative meetups.

Now in over 180 cities across the world, Eve helped bring the initiative to Leeds, a city she believes has an awesome creative community.

“Everyone thinks the creative industry is quite London centric but that’s not the case,” explains Eve.

“The north of England, especially Leeds and Manchester, both have a fantastic creative community. I think Leeds has really come into its own in the past 6/7 years and the creative community are really supportive of one another.”

Based at co-working space Duke Studios, who also host events for Glug & Hey!, Ladies, Wine & Design is much more than just a social affair. For many it’s not only a chance to catch up with friends, but provides a supportive space to discuss the achievements and issues faced in an industry (like many) that can sometimes struggle with the balance in equality between genders.

“I was quite fortunate as a young graduate that my entry into the industry was quite smooth. However, I’m now into my 2nd/3rd job and I think there’s some growing pains. Especially for women who want to work up the ranks in an agency. Those growing pains aren’t really talked about. People just get on with it or don’t discuss it.”

It’s these often unspoken or silent struggles that the initiative aims to help eradicate, removing gender issues from the taboo topic list and showcasing the talent of the female creative community.

“There needs to be a lot more mentorship for women,” says Eve.  “I read somewhere that 80% of young female creatives think that there are no role models in the creative industry for them.”

In the last year the Leeds, Ladies Wine & Design has already made an impact within the creative community, as well as for Eve herself.

“It’s definitely made a positive impact on my life for the last year. I get a lot out of Ladies, Wine & Design. I get to meet a lot of local creative talent. I get to meet women who have been in the industry a lot longer than me. It helps not just junior creatives but more experienced designers too, by creating a space to come and discuss their troubles or their successes in the industry.”

With a long way to go still in the industry, it’s refreshing to hear that groups like this are popping up across the globe, and knowing that Leeds is already part of the initiative? We’ll raise a glass to that!

Eve Warren, Leeds, Wine & Design, Creative, Awesome Merchandise

Eve’s top 3 tips for women in design


  • If there’s a job that you think is completely out of your league, just go for it. You never know what’s going to happen.


  • To succeed in this industry you’ve got to really work on your confidence, as well as have confidence in your work.


  • Look out for women focused groups  like Ladies, Wine & Design. There’s another UK one called Kerning the Gap. They do lots of podcasts and they run a really informative blog. It has plenty of top tips for people in the industry.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest Ladies, Wine & Design events in Leeds here.

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