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Design & Artworking tips for Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary tattoo sheets are a really effective piece of merchandise. They can be used as promo for your business or as a straight up item to sell online or at fairs. The sheets we are using today are by Jordan Sondler and they were used as part of press packs for Jordan’s book Feel It Out.


To check out the products, click here. Creating them for print is a little more involved than a lot of our digital print products, so here are a few handy tips to help with your next order. To check out our temporary tattoo sheets, click here.

Design Tips

You can fit as many or as few tattoo designs onto the A5 sheet as you like. Remember to leave a gap between each design so you can cut individual tattoos down to size.

We find that bolder designs work better. The individual tattoos when cut out can be quite small so it’s better keep it simple.

We cannot print white ink. Anything left white in your design will show as clear when applied to the skin.

Our temporary tattoo sheets are semi-translucent. So paler colours (yellows, pinks, etc) may appear more subtle depending on skin tone. Bolder colours are always more effective for this product.

We recommend adding the application instructions into your tattoo sheet design, so your customers know how to apply their awesome temporary tattoos! Here are some template instructions as a handy guide:

Application Instructions:

  1. 1. Cut out your chosen tattoo and remove the clear top sheet
  2. 2. Press the tattoo onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down
  3. 3. Dampen the tattoo, and press down
  4. 4. Wait 30 seconds, then slide the paper backer off and pat dry

Artworking Tips

Please ensure the elements of your design that are to be applied to the skin are flipped / reversed before sending your artwork over to us. The reason for this, is so that once the tattoos are applied to the skin they are the correct way around. This is especially important where text is incorporated into the design.

The instructions, or any elements of the design which are not going to be applied to the skin should be left the correct way around.

Remember to leave a border around the edge of the sheet. Our tattoo sheets have to be trimmed down by a few millimetres so are slightly smaller than the standard paper size. Below is a handy size guide so you know to keep your artwork within the finished size.

A5 – Artwork size = 204mm x 145mm / Finished size = 200mm x 141mm

A6 – Artwork size = 142mm x 102mm / Finished size = 138mm x 98mm

Lastly, the technical stuff that applies to pretty much everything we do. Make sure you set your file up in CMYK (not RGB) as you will lose vibrancy otherwise. Also, don’t forget to provide the artwork as a 300dpi file. Acceptable file formats include PSD, AI, PDF, JPEG, TIFF & EPS.

Head here for instructions on how to apply temporary tattoos to your skin

To buy some temporary tattoo sheets from us, click here.

If you have any questions / ideas / pictures of your tattoos that you’d like to share with us. Get in touch here

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