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Awesome Merchandise x Leeds Beer Week

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We’re super excited to be the official merch sponsor for Leeds Beer Week – a yearly celebration of the city’s flourishing beer scene.


As merch sponsors, we’ve helped to create a print and merch range to brand the festival and the many venues hosting events across the city, as well as providing custom t-shirts, totes, badges and stickers for staff and to sell on their store


We spoke to  Leeds Beer Week founder Matt Gorecki, as he picked up the all-important merch and discover more about the festival, branding and how you can get your hands on their tasty merch range.

Seeing an opportunity to create a beer event that engaged businesses across the city, Matt, along with Rich from Little Leeds Beer House and James from Refold created Leeds Beer Week as a platform for people to engage with beer, encourage collaborations and most importantly, have some fun!


With over 100 events this year, Leeds Beer Week aims to bring as much diversity to it’s events as possible, allowing people to not only got to the pub (which of course is fine!) but to also engage with other aspects, like art or design, as well as with the people who provide things for the festival, like yours truly!

Leeds Beer Week, Awesome Merchandise, Screen Print

Branding and merch plays an important part for Leeds Beer Week, tying all the events and venues together, as well as offering something physical for people to get excited about and take away.


“We always wanted stickers to put on bars to show that they were part of Leeds Beer Week.” Explains Matt.


“Trying to get 100 different businesses to all sing from the same hymn sheet for a week and a bit is quite difficult and I think what the merch does is that it ties it all together and offers something physical that people can go okay cool I can stick this on my window and they feel part of something. It’s about that joining the dots really.


“I think over the last few years people have been way more into merch. Tote bags, t-shirts, badges… that kind of stuff. I think people are more happy to carry a local, authentic brand around with them. People need stuff to put their shopping in. Put their beers in. So, I think merch is a much better prospect now. We can buy merch and move it on with a lot more confidence. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s real!”

In recent years, you’re just as likely to see someone touting their favourite brewery or beer festival on their totes and t-shirts as you are a band. Something which Matt believes is very interlinked.


“You can compare craft beer brewery t-shirts to band t-shirts. There’s a massive crossover between people who’ve worked in the music industry and ended up in the beer industry. You’ve got that design element to it. You’ve got that tribalism to it as well. Brewery t-shirts, band t-shirts have a real connection. I think we’ve got a lot of really great designers working in the beer industry as well.” 


Hopefully, you’ll soon see a whole load of Leeds Beer Week totes being carried around the city and sticker slapped on laptops and bar toilets everywhere!*

*Please sticker responsibly.

Awesome Merchandise, Leeds Beer Week, Tote bag

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