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Awesome Christmas Gift and Print Ideas

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Don’t wanna traipse around the shops like everyone else? Wanna create beautiful custom gifts for all your family & friends? Maybe you want to make yourself a few extra quids before the festive season starts? Perhaps you have a craft fair or art market to sell your wares at? It’s time to make your online store look all sparkly for forthcoming festive events.

Soak up these awesome gift ideas / pictorial motivational tools!


Create your own sweatshirts to sell or to gift to loved ones. Christmas is cancelled if you don’t own a Christmas sweater this year. Or at least you’ll have to eat sprout soup on Boxing Day. Why not try out Mercht for you sweater designs this year?


We’ve loads of options for greetings cards including some great recycled options. Send out custom cards to everyone you know… tell them you love them while promoting your art skills. If you’re looking to sell them, then they’re perfect for all forthcoming art fairs and markets.


Mugs and their boxes are easily one of our best lookin’ products and always one of our most popular. The best thing is there’s no min order, so they make a great gift idea – plus we’ve just added these beautiful enamel mugs to the range.



New to AM, calendars are the ideal product for your customers or loved ones for 2017. The minimum order is only 5; imagine sending all your family a sweet calendar of your face to make 2017 the best year yet! We went with pics of Dolly on ours. There’s also three great options for you to choose from!


Just like our mugs, tea towels are drying out the door. We mean flying. Great presents for everyone you know or print some up to sell at festive markets. Either way, don’t be a turkey, be a Christmas cracker!


We love printing custom stationery. Notebooks have been a staple (is that a pun?) part of our website for a while now… but this year we added foil stamped pencils (no artwork necessary) and both would look marvellous with your festive designs / slogans on.


Your other half has just got an iPhone / HTC / Samsung phone on a two year contract. They’ve bought a crappy, boring case. Improve their lives with a custom design! Anything from your favourite football kicker to pop singer. We can print from 1 to a lot. Go see and no need to thank us. Get creative.



The cheapest part of kit a guitarist will need (other than a tad of talent) are plectrums. Pick them up with their band name on and they’ll be forever grateful.

You’ve got the picks for your awesome axeman/axe-woman but guess what? They also play the drums and their sticks now need their name and band logo on. Again, no need to thank us for the perfect gift. 


We’ve Added rounded and squared swing tags to our already uber-popular pointed tags. They’re the perfect way to make sure your parcels and post look amazing this year!

Whatever you do this Christmas, make sure it’s an awesome one! Love from all your mates at Awesome Merch xo

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