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7 Creative Ideas For Business Cards

The humble business card has been around for hundreds of years. It the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of sealing that good impression at trade fairs, business meetings, chance encounters. You never know who you might bump into on a plane, or in a pub.


Over the years, business cards have become this placeholder for stale, corporate design but there are many ways to look at this as a tiny rectangle of opportunity, not a box to quickly scribble down some details on a word processor and press print.


Like most things, it comes down to design. If you have a great design then you’re all set. If you don’t have a great design, then it’s time to get some inspiration here, here, here, here or here. These are our favourites right now anyway…


Below are 7 ideas for looking at business cards differently. A lot of these can’t even be categorised as business cards, they are just taking the shape and running with it to create something functional and beautiful while saving money in the process.

1. Swing Tags For Garments

Not a business card number 1. It’s the perfect shape, all you need is a hole punch and some string and you’re all set. Swing tags are a great way of making your clothing company look way more professional. It is also a business card because you never know who is going to buy it, or who it is for. So having your details on there is essential!

These swing tags (our business card deal) are by Seb & Charlie Design an illustrator / maker based in Yorkshire.

100 Business Cards for £5 (UK)100 Business Cards for $8 (USA)

2. Thank You / Compliments Cards

Are you a small business owner? If so, you will probably know that it’s all about the personal touch. Business cards can come across cold sometimes and by turning the message into something softer, you are changing the conversation. A lot of people like to shop small and something like a well written thank you card placed in your order is the kind of thing that will keep customers coming back again and again.

Thank You Cards created by doodle extraordinaire Mr Gordo.

100 Business Cards for £5 (UK)100 Business Cards for $8 (USA)

3. Mini Art Prints

Who says art is for the elites? With this you can create beautiful, limited edition art that is truly for everybody! It also really helps that you can buy frames in loads of different shapes and configurations so the possibilities are endless.


Make More Stuff did a whole art show around business cards at the beginning of 2020, creating a bunch of affordable art and showcasing some really excellent makers. The 2nd image was created by Ockadok and it really shows off the level of detail that you can get away with with designing art on such a small scale.

100 Business Cards for £5 (UK)100 Business Cards for $8 (USA)

4. Upping Your Game With Flourishes

We got all the way to number 4 without even featuring a proper business card! If you aren’t using foil on your products in 2020 are you even a business? Obviously, it’s not mandatory but if you really want to make a great first impression, foil is a great way to stand out. Especially if used subtly It’s a guaranteed talking point and your cards will be looked upon with jealousy by all the other business cards in those prize bowls you see sometimes.

In a world where foil is not quite enough, you could always change the shape of your cards and go with rounded edges. This gives off a super professional feel and might just be the difference between “cool business card” & “take all of my money now”.

These designs by Thought Bubble and The Mighty Pen (designed by Army of Cats) are great examples of how far your work will stand out just by injecting a bit of extra thought or money into promo.


Foiled Laminated Business Cards (UK) / Coming soon to the US

Rounded & Foiled Business Cards (UK) / Coming soon to the US

5. Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards when paired with one of our loyalty stamps makes for a really well thought out experience. Perfect if you are running a street food business where you are trying to entice regulars. It’s those little touches that get people coming back for more. Remember, our standard business card deal is not right for a loyalty card. Loyalty cards need to have no laminated coating as the ink won’t dry otherwise.

Loyalty cards created by Simon Beale, the only thing better than his drawing of a burrito is a real life burrito!  So hungry right now…

Buy Loyalty Cards (UK) / Buy Loyalty Cards (USA)

6. Backers for Enamel Pins

Again, this one is not technically a business card. But if a pin is given as a gift without a backer to show off who made it, then the feels like a missed opportunity. Enamel pins make for great wholesale products as well, they sell really easy and it’s a piece or art that you can show off forever.

This soft enamel pin and backer was created by Thirteen Supply Co. It is a great showcase for their entire brand, creating consistency and a level of professionalism throughout their whole range of goods. It just makes us want to buy everything of theirs!

Buy Soft Enamel Pins with Backers (UK) / Buy Soft Enamel Pins with Backers (USA)

Buy Hard Enamel Pins with Backers (UK) / Buy Hard Enamel Pins with Backers (USA)

7. A Good Old Fashioned Regular Business Card

This one is for people who really think outside the box. No frills, just printed, matt laminated and perfect for handing out at events, meetings, hangouts, taking photos on top of coffee beans, you can’t really go wrong. Nail the branding and it will look great on pretty much any product.

This business card by Chipp Coffee is a great example of how effective your cards can be, regardless of how much you spend.

Buy 100 Business Cards for £5 (UK)Buy 100 Business Cards for $8 (USA)

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