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6 of our top sellers!

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It can be hard to know what products to sell when you’re starting out and we often get asked what our most popular products are. So, to help answer your question we’ve come up with 6 of our top selling products and what they’re being used for. 

custom T-shirt, Gildan Heavy, Awesome Merchandise, Band T-shirt

1) Gildan Heavy T-shirts


We screen print 600K prints per year and Gildan Heavy tees are one of the garments which we see in our screen print area time and time again. They’re super popular with all kinds of people however, they are a firm favourite for band t-shirts.


It’s probably no surprise that black and white come out on top in terms of t-shirt colours.



25mm badges, custom badges, Awesome Merchandise

2) 25mm badges


We’ve created over 17 million badges since starting out and offer a silly amount of options. However, the mighty 25mm badge, the first item to ever roll of our production line, remains one of the most popular items we produce.



Enamel pins are one of the newest additions to our badge range but are quickly climbing the ranks. Brands and bands are using them to let their loyal fans pin their allegiance and creatives are turning their designs into tiny pieces of wearable art.

Mug, custom mug, Awesome Merchandise

3) Mugs


We make around 70,000 mugs per year, that’s a hell of a lot of custom cuppas! With no minimum order quantity we see orders flying in from all kinds of people – From one off birthday gifts, to companies wanting to add their branding to their kitchenware.



Our mug and gift box sets are awesome for making your mugs retail ready, making them a ‘go to’ product for illustrators and designers selling online or at craft fairs.

custom shaped vinyl stickers, stickers, Awesome Merchandise

4) Custom shaped vinyl stickers


Our custom shaped vinyl stickers have helped a whole host of you create the weird, wonderful and awkwardly shaped! Everything from brand logos to flying unicorns have been born on our wide format printers.


Paper stickers are also one of our most popular products here at Awesome Merch, you order thousands of these stickers from us each day. They’re an awesome, cost-effective product for giveaways and promotion and are regularly used for band stickers and stickers for schools, through to charity and fundraising campaigns.

Beanie, custom beanie, embroidered beanie, Awesome Merchandise

5) Beanies


Our embroidered beanies are a popular piece of merch all year round, especially with breweries and bands. We see a whole host of people using our custom beanies to keep their clans kitted up and cosy.


Screen printed patch beanies are the latest edition to our headwear range, and already look set to become another firm favourite.

business cards, custom, Awesome Merchandise,

6) Business Cards


Our range of business cards is ever expanding, as are the uses that you lot are finding for them.  It seems that you’ve been getting creative and coming up with all sorts of different uses for these wallet-sized pieces of print.  From appointment cards to loyalty cards, we see it all. Check out our top 5 alternative uses for business cards here.


Head over to our ideas pages for even more custom merch inspo!

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