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10 tips to make the most of your Tattoo Sheets at Awesome Merch

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As you probably know by now, we can print custom temporary tattoo sheets! Available in either A5 or A6, they’re ready for your magic. Whether it’s to promote your brand, artwork or event, our tattoos look great! Here’s some top advice on how to get the most out of them…

1.  Set up your tattoos using our template as a guide for bleed and sizing, and remember to reverse your design.

On both the A5 and A6 sheets, there’s downloadable templates for you to use. Reverse your design, so when your fans go to apply, they’re the right way round!

Oh My Gee Oh My Gee

Modern Classic Tattooing Modern Classic Tattooing

2. Make sure they are not too small so you can see them when transferred onto the skin.

Top tip this one! Obviously you want to get a few designs on your sheets BUT make sure people can see them on their skin, or it’ll defeat the purpose!

3. Take inspiration from classic tattoo designs.

Check out some rad tattoo flash art for some great ideas…. ‘tattoo flash’ sheets will help you think about tattoo style and then you can incorporate your own ideas into the traditional formats.

The Printed Peanut The Printed Peanut

4. Bright colours work well.

You’ve seen super colourful tattoos on peoples arms in real life… well, temp tats look super good in bright colours too! Don’t hold back. Just make sure the artwork is in CMYK.

5. Simple outline designs look great on skin too.

We’ve talked about bright colour designs but we’re happy to say that opposites work too. Either simple or bold outlines will make your artwork or logo stand out in style.

London Prophecy  London Prophecy

6. Think about how it will look when transferred onto the skin.

People are a blank canvas for your creations! They’re walking adverts for your brand. Just make sure you think how it’ll look when transferred onto the skin… think about what part of the body your art will look awesome on.

7. Make sure your designs can easily be cut out.

Important one this! You will need to cut your designs out by hand from the sheet, so if you’re thinking of going mega intricate, make sure you’ve got some steady hands and give them enough space to get the scissors round.

8. Make the most of your sheet, remember you can use the whole page (without going too small of course)

Simple: the more individual designs on there, the more artwork you get to show off! BUT remember the space! Gotta have space.

Tux & Tales Tux & Tales

Amy Walters Amy Walters

Jacknife Prints Jacknife Prints

9. Add instructions to your sheet.

Something like this:

  1. Cut out your chosen tattoo and remove clear top sheet.
  2. Press tattoo onto clean, dry skin with the design facing down.
  3. Dampen tattoo, and press down.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, then slide paper backer off and pat dry.

But customise to your own specifications 🙂

10 Your Shores

10. Add custom packaging to make your Tattoo sheets retail ready!

We’re all about the retail ready at AM. Add extra value to your product by adding custom packaging. This means you can sell them in shops, at fairs or at any event for extra pennies and pounds!

Check out some more examples on our Pinterest page & then have a little look on our website too.

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