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Talking Tattoos with Simon Erl & Sam Layzell

We took a trip across to Hyde Park to visit Dragon Tattoo, a brand new tattoo shop run by Simon Erl & Sam Layzell. During our trip we learned all about their years of working together, reasons for starting a brand new tattoo shop and their plans for the future. Then afterwards we found some time for an unscheduled trip to one of Simon’s other ventures.

Leeds Beer Week, Awesome Merchandise
/ Featured / Interviews

Awesome Merchandise x Leeds Beer Week

We talk Leeds Beer Week with founder Matt Gorecki, and discover more about the festival and how you can get your hands on their tasty merch range.

Awesome Merchandise, Tote bag, totes
/ Featured / Tools & Tips

10 top tips for designing tote bags

Discover the top tote bag tips from the awesome creatives behind The Travelling Canvas designs.

awesome merchandise, promote your awesome
/ Featured / Spotlight

Promote your Awesome

We’ve thousands of options available to help you create the perfect print and merch range for your business.

t-shirts, Awesome Merchandise, events
/ Featured / Tools & Tips

Make your event Awesome!

From kitting out your staff and stand to sorting out your freebies, we’ve thousands of options to help you add those all-important finishing touches to your event.

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Case Study – Working with Topshelf Records

We take a look at how we work with independent record label Topshelf Records.

the cribs, Awesome Merchandise, Awesome Distro
/ Featured

Case Study – Working with The Cribs

Discover how we work with The Cribs to handle merchandise production and distribution!

screen print, print, Awesome Merchandise
/ Featured / Tools & Tips

Screen print focus – Printing methods

Our Awesome guide to different screen print methods.

/ Featured / Spotlight

Foiled Art Print Inspiration

Need some foiled art print inspo? Check out what our awesome team whipped up!

Awesome Merchandise, Screen print
/ Featured / Spotlight / Tools & Tips

Screen print focus – Print Position

Do you want to make an impact with something oversized or keep it subtle with a simple pocket print? Check out our handy guide to print positions.

Awesome Merchandise, Ink options
/ Featured / Spotlight / Tools & Tips

Screen print focus – ink options

In this screen print focus, we demystify the ink options we offer.

Tattoos For Your Enemies, Awesome Merchandise, Jack Watts, Foil, Art Prints
/ Featured / Interviews

Awesome Merchandise Meets Jack Watts

We discuss merch with Jack Watts aka Tattoos For Your Enemies. Discover how he became a tattoo artist and why it’s important to have merch at conventions.

Hard vs Soft Enamel Pins

You’ve decided to turn your designs into awesome enamel pin badges, but now it's time for the big decision- Do you go hard or soft? It's a common question and we're here to help!    ...
Monday, April 10th 2017 by Louisefletcher
Print, Awesome Merchandise
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Print Your Awesome – Create a page-turner

Our print department has everything you need to create a real page-turner.

foil art prints, Awesome merchandise
/ Featured / New product

New product! Foiled art prints

We’ve launched custom foiled art prints! 

It’s an art print but shinier and let’s face it…everyone loves shiny stuff.

Tattoos For Your Enemies, Awesome Merchandise, Jack Watts
/ Featured / Interviews / Tools & Tips

Top merch tips for tattoo artists

We get top merch tips from tattooist Jack Watts aka Tattoos For Your Enemies.